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Types of Windows

Types of Windows

Choosing a window today is nothing like what it was just ten years ago.  Today there are more window types than ever before, and choosing just the right window to complement a home and to match a homeowner's pocketbook can be a Herculean task.

Wood Window Replacement - When Is It Time?

Wood Windows

Wood windows that were built 100 or more years ago (the double-framed variety) were built to last; however, those that were built 30 or 40 years ago were not. These windows are subject to wood rot and window shrinkage. The energy efficiency of the glass is often under question in windows of this age. For this reason, once these more recently constructed wood windows start showing these signs of aging (wood rot, cracking, mold, etc.) it is time to think about replacing them.

Pricing for Outdoor Paint

Outdoor Painting

There is nothing like a quality paint job on an exterior to add visual appeal, protection and value to the home.  Painting a home's exterior takes time and consideration, particularly when it comes to choosing outdoor paint.  It is not just the color that needs careful consideration.  The quality of the outdoor paint will make a substantial difference in its durability and its ability to keep the color fresh and new-looking after several years of exposure to the elements.  Homeowners in harsh and extreme weather conditions such as in the New England states must pay particular attention to the quality of the exterior paint.

Durable Types of Outdoor Paint

Painting Outdoors

Oil-based paints have excellent qualities of adherence, which is essential for a durable outdoor paint product.  Their main disadvantage is brittleness that can lead to cracking.

Outdoor Painting Tips

Outdoor Painting

Every eight to ten years, the exterior of a home needs to be painted.  A house requires paint for a variety of reasons.  One reason can be aesthetics.  The old paint job is simply looking shabby, making the home look old, rundown and as if it is not being properly cared for. 

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Repainting Outdoors - Reviving Your Home's Exterior Paint

Repainting Home

Is It Time to Repaint the Outside of The House?

Repainting Indoors

Repainting Indoors

Is It Time to Repaint?

James Hardie Building Products

Hardie Before and After

United Home Experts serves homeowners in the New England area. The company carries James Hardie Building Products, a brand that has a long history dating back to 1913. The company was started by James Hardie, an Irish businessman who realized the need for building supplies. Gradually the company grew and now provides building supplies to a large portion of the world. While their products can be found throughout the United States, they are especially popular in the New England area. This company provides building materials for homes and is one of the most sought after companies for exterior siding and interior boards. They have become the world's major fiber-cement provider and also provide other cladding siding materials. In addition to siding, they make trim, panels and weather barrier materials.

Five Common Roofing Application Mistakes

Certainteed Roof

Successful roofing application requires that installers adhere to certain proper application methods. It is especially easy for inexperienced roofers and do-it-yourself homeowners to make certain roofing application mistakes simply because they are not aware of the various things that can go wrong. Here is a list of some of the most common mistakes and what can be done to avoid them, thus ensuring a successful roofing project.

Pros and Cons of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl Windows

Choosing from among all the different types and styles of windows available and cutting through the clutter of conflicting "facts" from each manufacturer is an almost impossible job. And there is no reason for the homeowner to walk this minefield alone. Talk to the experts at United Home Experts. They know everything there is to know about windows, and they install virtually every type of window there is, so their recommendations can be based solely on what is best for the homeowner and not on where their next commission check is coming from.

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