Polomyx by Zolatone and Multispec Finishes

The Vinyl Wallcovering and Paint Alternative

Polomyx by Zolatone® is a spray-applied, seamless wall finish that is a cost effective alternative to paints and wallcoverings. Polomyx colors are visually complex, layered and dimensional, and offer a wide variety of design options. While decorative, the hallmark of Polomyx by Zolatone® is that it is extremely durable, completely cleanable, and spot repairable. With over 2000 colors to choose from, there is a stylish scheme for every interior.

MultiSpec® architectural multicolor spray is applied in both interiors and exteriors, new construction and rehab projects. MultiSpec® offers a variety of multicolor products with unique properties that together cover the many applications for multicolor paint. Whether it’s for interior or exterior, new construction or renovation, MSI has a multicolor finish designed for your particular needs. MSI can develop custom formulations to provide special properties and advantages for specific applications

Polomyx by Zolatone

Polomyx by Zolatone for Renovations

Renovations and Upgrades

Exposed brick, block, tile, drywall and metal can be painted and given that need to look like new with minimum of fuss, expense or downtime

  • Quick installation reduces inconvenience and downtime
  • Systems approach allows application over broad variety of substrates
  • Textured appearance helps hide minor wall defects
  • Inexpensive means to upgrade property value and attract tenants
  • Environmentally friendly system that meets all State and Federal Codes
  • Multicolor finish compatible with virtually every type of interior and exterior architecture
  • One gallon minimum for touchups means low maintenance costs
  • Limitless stock and custom color combinations available and are never discontinued

Source: Renovation Polomyx. Surface Protection Industries International

Polomyx by Zolatone for Office Space

Office Space and Public Areas

A seamless, spray-on, multi color finish that can turn a drab office suite into an exciting, inviting workplace.

  • Creates unique architectural effects and decors inexpensively
  • Upgrades property values and makes space easier to lease
  • Makes commercial space more attractive to tenants
  • Quick installation minimizes downtime and inconvenience

Source: Office Space Polomyx. Surface Protection Industries International