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United Home Experts is a highly respected roofing contractor in Massachusetts and also serving RI and NH. Getting a roof replaced could be a huge headache, but we make it easy on you. If you’re looking for a roofer in MA, RI, or NH we’d be glad to help! Start with a Free No-Pressure Estimate.

“It is great to meet people whom you can actually trust. Thanks!”

– Walter H. ~ Lakeville, MA

Our 15-Point Roof System Has You Covered!

ROOFINGlayers1 Ice & Water Shield

2 Non-Absorbing Underlayment

3 8″ Drip-Edge

4 Pipe Vent Boots

5 High Performance Starter Strip

6 Rigid External Baffle Ridge Vent

7 Static Roof Top Vents

8 Soffit Vents

9 Rafter Vents

10 Aluminum Side-wall Flashing

11 Chimney Flashing

12 New Skylights

13 Skylight Counter Flashing

14 Gutters

15 Premium Shingles

We conduct a custom evaluation of each roof to determine which of the above components are recommended and necessary.